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Medias’ reportings in the western part of Europe make their message quite clear to us: After decades of peaceful neighborhood as well as cooperation, they tell us, that an end of this friendship in our Continent needs to be found. Russia and especially its present president „Putin“ would constantly hurt our own political interests. Since years they try to get the people into the „right“ mood for making a bogeyman out of „Russia“.

Because this kind of narrative reporting and the propaganda, which comes along with it, is of no public interest to ALL people in Europe, it gives rise to an increasing discerning view upon the sayings of media. In turn media blackens these people by declaring their critiques being „conspiracy theories“ or call them „Russian propaganda“.

People wish Friendship with Russia (Peace-Tour 2016)

In 2016 we demonstrated already how international understanding and the wish for friendship and peace among peoples can get going. We simply drove to Russia and on our way there and over there we came together with people, organisations and our new friends. We experienced common highlights, reconnoitered the country and also shared great fun. In doing so a civil and cultural interchange, a bilateral understanding for the needs and perspectives of the new friends came into being.

Planed Tour to Russia 2017:

  • Start: 23rd July 2017

  • End: 13th August 2017

  • 7 several routes eligible, contacting 45 Russian sister towns.

  • Further informations follow soon!

  • In 2017, we will carry forward these gathered positive experiences. On July 23rd 2017 we will begin anew with a friendly „scouting expedition“. This time, together with hundreds of other European people we will travel on 7 different routes, visiting 45 Russian towns, to socialize and form further civil friendships.

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